Warranty Information

Repair Warranty

We offer either a 90 day, 6 months or 1 year warranty for our repairs. In most cases, parts used for repairs come with a 12 month manufacturer warranty if they are in new condition. Used, recycled and refurbished parts come with 90 days to 6 months warranty. See individual repair pages for details.


What is covered by my repair warranty?

Defects in any parts used are covered by the warranty. If within the warranty period your new part develops the same problem we will replace, repair or refund where necessary. If additional faults arise they are not covered by this warranty. The cover for this warranty will not extend should the phone change ownership.


What is not covered by my repair warranty?

The warranty does not cover any accidental damage or liquid damage.

Product Warranty

We offer a comprehensive 90 days warranty up to 2 years for various products on our store. Warranties are specified on the product page.


What is covered by my product warranty?

Products under warranty are covered against all or any hardware failure that occurs. In the event of any hardware failure, items covered under warranty will be collected for free and either repaired or replaced with a matching or suitable product and if both options fail a refund will be issued. 


What is not covered by my product warranty?

Warranty does not cover any damage caused by user e.g. liquid or coffee spill, dents, stains or scratches to case. All items covered under warranty will be fitted with tamperproof material, should this be damaged it will VOID your warranty.


What should I do if I experience a fault?

If you experience a fault send an email to contact@tctouch.co.uk and we will arrange to look at your device. We I’m to respond to emails within 72 hours.

Please note our warranty is void if the warranty sticker that was put on your device has been removed or broken.

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