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Bogist C1 Pro Electric Scooter

Bogist C1 Pro Electric Scooter

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The Bogist C1 pro is a powerful e-scooter that demonstrates high performance, high quality, and reliability. It is built with strong and sturdy materials that will protect it from getting damaged and breaking apart easily. It is made for wet and dry weather conditions and does not hesitate to push through various ground conditions.

The Bogist C1 pro is powered by an advanced 500W powerful motor that gives it the strength to go up to a speed of 45km/h or 28mph and a long distance of 40km or 25 miles. This is the perfect scooter for every day use either for work or pleasure, it’s made to take you to places quickly, comfortably and important of all, safely. You can either ride it standing up or sitting down, whatever you feel comfortable – makes the C1 pro-e-scooter even more practical.

Why Bogist C1 Pro?

High Speed and Range

Goes up to a max speed of 45km/h or 28mph and a long-distance of 40km or 25 miles. This top speed is very fast for an electric scooter.

Built With Strong Materials

Feels sturdy and durable, provides assurance and safety for riding. Made for every day use.

10″ Front Air-Filled & Rear Honeycomb Tyres

Fitted with both air-filled and solid (honeycomb) tyres, the Bogist C1 pro is made to run for longer distance and provide both a smoother and puncture-less ride.

Responsive Braking System

The Bogist C1 pro is all about safety and control, and so it is fitted with a high-quality drum brake and electronic brake. One small squeeze on the brake handles and the e-scooter will stop without much delay.

Large Capacity Battery

Installed with 48V 13Ah high-quality high capacity lithium batteries that provide the energy to maintain speed and endurance consistently.

Advanced Display

Monitor battery power, change speed modes and cruise control and turn headlights on/off for your convenience.

Advanced Double Suspensions

The C1 pro is fitted with durable and long-lasting suspensions that will minimize the vibrations from the humps and bumps that you may encounter on your journeys as effectively as possible.


Rated current: 13-0.5

No-load current: 1.1-0.2

No-load speed per min: 950-10

Size of front tire: 10” pneumatic tire

Rear wheel motor dimensions: 10” vacuum tire

Over Current Protection: 25A

Battery capacity: 13AH

Battery voltage: 48V

Input Charging Voltage: 54.6V

Rated In Voltage: 100V-240V

Rated current: 1.8A-2.2A

Charging time: 7H

Rated Output Voltage:  54.4V-55.2V

Operating voltage: 12v

Operating current: 0.2A

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