About Us

Founded in 2011 as an independent technology solutions provider, by Charles Okiy, TC Touch Solutions offers repairs, sales and recycling of computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, Apple devices and consoles. Specialising in Apple repairs and Huawei repairs, TC Touch solutions offer screen repairs, battery replacements, diagnosis, liquid damage repairs, website design, hardware upgrades including maintenance, and many other services that keep our clients up and running. Our local store caters to customers within the area and across the Uk through a pick-up & return, mail-in and in-store repair service options. In this day and age, our tech is more important to us than ever before and this is why we provide a reliable and honest service that customers can trust and rely upon.

The Journey

TC Touch Solutions was formed when Charles realised there was a need for an independent repair business focused on the customer and sustainability.  Tired of seeing big manufacturers charge big money for small jobs, Charles began operating TC Touch Solutions.  Growing from a home business to its first shop based in Portsmouth, TC Touch Solutions has helped many customers give new life to their tech. It is our aim to provide great quality products and services at affordable prices.

Now TC Touch Solutions offers a wide range of repairs and maintenance solutions, web design services, products and accessories to support our clients in their technological needs.  Recently Charles created a recycling '#FixItDontDitchIt' scheme which means customers can get cash for their old gadgets which are then recycled and given new life.  This supports our aim of saving tech from landfills and helping keep our planet green.