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Unlock Vodafone UK – All Makes / Models (Excluding Apple / Google Devices)


The price displayed for the service is the price you pay, no add ons or requests for extra payments during the unlock process.

Delivery time: 1 – 3 Working Days

Unlock Criteria:

  • Device must not be Blacklisted.
  • Cannot be a corporate business contract device
  • Apple devices are NOT SUPPORTED

Devices that do not meet the unlock criteria shall be refunded in full and the order cancelled.

The average turnaround time is 1 – 3 Working Days from order submission.

NCK Code (Network Control Key) only provided.



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Unlock Vodafone UK – All Makes / Models (Excluding Apple / Google Devices)

The process is completed remotely and we do not require the device to be in our possession. Once the service is complete we shall send an email with full instructions on how to complete the process.
Please note on very rare occasions this can take up to 10 Working Days.

Check this before ordering

Please use this link prior to placing your order to ensure you are able to enter the unlock code we provide.

Check your device to ensure it has not been hardlocked. If the incorrect unlock code has previously been entered too many times, the device may have become hardlocked. If so you will be unable to unlock via the code method that we are offering. How to check if my device is hardlocked?


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